What causes that foamy layer on your tea?

The first time when I steeped tea, an unknown oily layer made me hesitate to drink it. Is it the pesticide residues on the tea? Were the tea set dirty?

The oily layer is not a real oil; It is just telling us that the water we are using is appropriately hard water. It is a normal chemical reaction between the tannins in the tea and the hard water.

What about the layer of foam on the liquor? Should we pour away the first steep?

The layer of foam on the liquor is a natural foaming agent, and it has antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It is just a natural reaction when hot water contacts with the saponin in the tea. Far from the dirty material, it lowers the absorption of cholesterol in your body.

Briefly, either of the “foam” or “oil” is harmful. If the unsightly layer on your tea bothers your tea experience, we will recommend a Cold Brew blend that eliminates the forming of foam.

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