Tea time – Teng

One of the meaning about travelling for me inevitably is: enjoy some delicious food that I can’t find at home. Regardless of most cities, I have been, I have been chasing for the deliciousness.
Teng is the great one that I want to recommend.

The spatial proportions and the decor in Teng are generous, modern and super luxurious. It seems like this restaurant only belongs to the successful elites. As for the food – fresh, indisputably prepared and visually dramatic – all of which can also reflect the particular modern Japanese style.

An undisputed essential of Japanese cuisine is its insistence on seasonality and freshness of ingredients. Seasonal eating extends beyond taste and nutrition, and I think Teng has done it correctly.

I’m a fan of tea. Doubtlessly I ordered the matcha pudding as my dessert. My sufficiency exceeded elegantly. It wasn’t oversweet like traditional dessert, and it brought back to the natural green tea gardens.

The quantity of dishes provided is reasonable, and they were beautifully prepared. The quality of everything is just superb, given the price. Not only the food is faultless to the description of Japanese culture, but also the service. The staff are amiable and helpful to create an excellent experience for us. I bet the chef knows his customers pretty well and his artworks are quite creative.

All in all, then, it was a pretty pleasant day. Could you find an experience which is similar quality in Shenzhen? By the way, Teng has a branch in Shanghai. Down below is the address of the restaurants.


Teng Japanese cuisine (Zhongzhou Marriott)
ADD: No. 88, Haide Yi Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

Teng Japanese cuisine (Tongren Shanghai)
ADD: No. 88 Tongren Rd(near Yan’an Zhong Rd), Jing’An Area Shanghai, China

Teng Japanese cuisine (Gu Bei Shanghai)
ADD: 813 Huangjincheng Rd(near Gu Bei Rd), Changning Area, Shanghai, China

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