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Wuyi, the foothills of southern China

The Mt. Wuyi is one of China’s World Heritage Sites. Located in the South of China, this area is famous for its unique geography – The Danxia Landform. This rolling and sometimes spiky landscape not only makes for unique scenery but also creates an incredible environment for tea growing. The climate is humid and misty without drastic temperature changes all year round.

It provides a stunning environment for high-quality tea. As an ideal environment for growing tea, Mt. Wuyi is protected from the forces of nature by the vast wall of mountains, while strict laws limit the effects of civilisation. Pollution is kept very low by employing an air quality monitoring system and controlled access to certain areas. The result is a sanctuary of rich biodiversity, supporting thousands of plant and animal species.


As one of China’s most famous black teas, Wuyi black tea is grown organically in Tong Mu Village – it is protected, a natural area deep in a mountain valley which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. The virgin environment is full of original plants and animal which make this part of the world as beautiful as a painting.

As Mt. Wuyi area is referred to as the ‘Kingdom of Tea’, We are proud to present such excellent rock essence tea and Wuyi black teas as the typical Chinese gifts from Mt. Wuyi.