Rock Essence Tea

Rock essence tea has played an essential role in tea development in China. During 479 A.D, rock essence tea had already been well-known. Later in 960 A.D, it was paid as a tribute to the royal family. In Yuan Dynasty (about 1302 A.D), a Royal Tea Garden was set up by the bank of the Fourth-bend of the river. In Ming Dynasty(about 1368 A.D) tea makers improved the tea-processing techniques, thus producing rock essence tea. We are proud to present such excellent rock essence tea as the typical Chinese gift from Mt. Wuyi.

The name of rock essence tea comes from the natural haven these tea trees thrive in. Nestled in and around the cliffs of a nature reserve, rock essence tea plants enjoy a very unique terroir consisting of mineral-rich soil, limestone cliffs, bamboo forests, and many rivers. The climate in the Mt. Wuyi area is ideal for tea growing, having four distinct seasons without drastic temperature changes and consistent humidity all year round. The stunning environment also makes it possible to produce great tea: the rocky landscape gives the drink a unique flavour. The signature rocky aromas and complex post-production techniques create this highly sophisticated classical category within the global tea industry.