Tea experience contains lots of Zen philosophy. Tea is the way to help us to find more connections between an individual and nature with peace and calm. Instead of just using a tea bag, most tea lovers prefer to handle full set of tea appliances to make quality loose tea to complete the holy ritual.

For example, use a tea holder for holding and presenting the beauty of loose tea. A teapot or a Gaiwan would bring you back to the traditional way of brewing the tea. Cha Hai is used for holding the brewed tea liquor. All the appliances look complicated but help us get back to the calm and peace of Zen.

In the fast rhythm of this modern lifestyle, more and more people have no time to pause for a tea journey. Here we are, we introduce a revolutionary glass tea bottle. It is designed to steep both traditional hot tea and fashional cold brew tea. This premium glass tea bottle is the perfect way to move your tea experience outdoor and make your cold brew tea easier.

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