Xi Yue Ling Quan


Our Rou Gui in the Xi Yue Ling Quan series grows semi-wildly in the top qualified tea garden MA TOU YAN in the precipitous rocky landscapes of Mt. Wuyi. Unlike the other rock essence tea, the unique quality ROU GUI has a bold and sharp profile.

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ROU GUI is closely related to natural healing. As a semi-fermented tea, it is rich in minerals. Rou Gui is slightly less roasted and less fermented than most Wuyi tea. Therefore has a milder warming potency. Though it’s not a miracle drink, it’s a great beverage to maintain a healthy stomach and improve digestion. It is quite warming and restorative, so it is an excellent choice for cold and rainy weather.

We suggest you reduce the brewing time to around 10 seconds if you are sensitive on caffeine. Alternatively, avoid drinking tea during the evening to prevent any effects that may be caused by the caffeine although the caffeine amount is considerably low.


The liquor of our Rou Gui in the Xi Yue Ling Quan series is a cup of enjoyment. It is manually processed in the traditional way which brings us a creamy lingering and rich flowery aroma. The woody smokiness of the roasting is balanced out by the warmed sugar and honey notes that are particularly noticeable in the aftertaste. It is a well balanced comfy combination.

Harvested on May 2018.

For the best results, we recommend that you pre-warm your tea set.
LEAF QTY / 150ml WATER              1 bag
INFUSION TEMPERATURE              95 °C – 100°C
INFUSION TIME                               10 seconds

* NOT for consumption if pregnant

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