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This premium glass tea bottle is the perfect way to move your tea experience outdoors and make your cold brew tea easier.

Staying adequately hydrated is very important to our daily health and how we stay hydrates matters too. With today’s fast-paced life we tend to lean towards carbonated soft drinks that can take a toll on our bodies. Enjoy your tea as an alternative to fizzy drinks with far more healthier properties.

We aim to bring this change through our new product glass bottles that come with a filter to enable brewing on the move. Making your favourite tea to be more accessible everywhere you are.

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The glass tea bottle holds 450ml or 18.6 oz. of liquid. You can use the premium glass tea bottle with or without the filter. It is designed to steep both traditional hot tea and fashionable cold brew tea. Remove the screen, and it is the perfect bottle for holding any homemade fresh juices, smoothies, or whatever drinking you like.

The high-quality glass tea bottle is dishwasher safe and environmentally an friendly alternative to plastic bottles. For long, the public conversation around plastic pollution is at the centre of many consumer products. Although there is no single magic bullet or one-size-fits-all solution, instead of single-use plastic, our reusable glass tea bottle is a step towards reducing the overwhelming plastic problem and keep your favourite tea fresh.

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