Just like its name states SLIM can do an excellent job in stabilising your blood sugar, lower your cholesterol and water retention.

Formulated by one of the signature rock essence tea–aged Da Hong Pao along the beautiful landscape of Mt. Wuyi, SLIM grows semi-wildly in the precipitous rocky landscape. The small spring flows through the rock wall to offer the tea trees rich nutrition. The professional and traditional technique of producing SLIM has been one of United Nations Intangible Cultural Heritage. The exquisite techniques maximise the potential and value after even after ageing and increasing its health values.

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SLIM is closely related to natural healing as a semi-fermented tea, it is rich in minerals such as calcium, manganese, copper, carotin, selenium, and potassium, and vital vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K. It is very effective in boosting your metabolism and reducing your body weight. It can do an excellent job in helping you stabilise your blood sugar, lower cholesterol and water retention making it a beverage to compliment a diet program that you may be on.

Considered most useful to your body when taken after a meal to support with digestion and before a workout program. In both scenarios, you’re able to extract the most benefits of Slim.

We suggest you reduce the brewing time to around 10 seconds If you are sensitive on caffeine. Alternatively, avoid drinking tea during the evening to avoid any effects that may be caused by the caffeine although the caffeine amount is considerably low.


We can see the beautiful golden liquor while the dark, twisted leaves of SLIM unfold themselves smoothly.

SLIM is manually processed in the traditional method which maximises the potential value even after ageing. It brings forth its sophisticated flavours with its signature rocky roast, masculine cigar and its feminine orchid aroma in the background.


Harvested on May 2007.

We handpicked just the top 3 tea leaves of each mature branch. Also, all the leaves were sorted manually to separate the better quality from the lower ones. After the selection, the premium tea leaves are carefully and moderately baked three times.


It is recommended that you pre-warm your tea set.
LEAF QTY / 150ml WATER             1 Can
INFUSION TEMPERATURE             95 °C – 100°C
INFUSION TIME                             15 seconds

LEAF QTY / 450ml WATER           1 Can
INFUSION TEMPERATURE           Room temperature
INFUSION TIME                            8 – 12 Hours

* NOT for consumption if pregnant.

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8.3(g) X 3 Cans, 8.3(g) X 6 Cans