Oriental Ruby


ORIENTAL RUBY is a genuinely refined Oriental style black tea with a clean ruby red liquor. It is an excellent grade of Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong which is a lightly smoked Chinese black tea. ORIENTAL RUBY is produced in a limited quantity each spring. This unique black tea requires a 20-step process, whereby leaves go through a ‘cold smoking’ process that involves three different phases of smoking over pine wood, which gives this tea a lightly-smoked character while maintaining flavour and finesse.

ORIENTAL RUBY is delicate and very refreshing. The smoky, campfire fragrance augments the creamy, velvety body without overwhelming it. Unlike low-grade other counterparts, the smoky aroma remains until the very last steeping.

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If you frequently suffer from stomach discomfort, ORIENTAL RUBY is an ideal beverage for you. ORIENTAL RUBY is 100% fermented, due to this fermentation process it contains fewer tea polyphenols. It allows the tea to be more mellow while coating the membrane around your stomach to protect your stomach.

ORIENTAL RUBY has more caffeine than green tea, but less than coffee. The moderate amounts of caffeine promote blood flow in the brain without stimulating the heart and improve mental alertness and concentration. The amino acid L-theanine found in ORIENTAL RUBY can help you relax and concentrate fully on tasks. Consumption of four cups of ORIENTAL RUBY daily for one month helps to reduce the levels of stress hormone cortisol. The caffeine in ORIENTAL RUBY boosts your memory and studies have suggested that consumption of ORIENTAL RUBY on a regular basis protects against Parkinson’s disease.

We suggest you reduce the brewing time to around 10 seconds. If you are sensitive on caffeine or avoid drinking the tea in the evening. However, the amount of caffeine is still significantly lower.


ORIENTAL RUBY is an excellent example of refined Oriental style black tea. The liquor is bright ruby red. With its skilful moderate baking techniques, it is smooth and satisfying with a touch of smokiness. Masterful tea processing has resulted in the jujube date fruity body and a bit of earthiness in the finish.

The smoky, campfire fragrance augments the creamy, velvety body of ORIENTAL RUBY. Unlike low-grade black tea, the smoky aroma of ORIENTAL RUBY remains until the very last steeping.


Harvested on May 2018.

The incredible ORIENTAL RUBY is crafted traditionally in a 20-step process that involves three different phases of smoking over pine wood. Entirely handpicked and manually processed teas are becoming increasingly rare. However, we insist the tradition and quality.


For the best results, pre-warm your tea set.
LEAF QTY / 150ml WATER      1 bag
INFUSION TIME                      15-20 seconds
Don’t worry if the tea isn’t decidedly stronger – it’s not supposed to be, at least at the beginning. Even with light brews, you can experience the delicate aroma as well. After 2-3 brews, the leaves will wake up and start yielding a dark red colour. That’s when you should keep steeping time just under 60 seconds. After other 3-4 brews, as the potency of the tea decreases, feel free to gradually increase the length of infusion to maintain the desired level of strength.

LEAF QTY / 450ml WATER         1 bag
INFUSION TEMPERATURE         Room temperature
INFUSION TIME                          4 – 10 Hours

* NOT for consumption if pregnant.

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