Dan Yan Rou Gui


Our Rou Gui in Dan Yan series has a medium and very smooth body. With the traditional producing technique from Qing dynasty(A.D. 1636), it has deep flavours of roasted fruit, toasty sweetness, and a pleasantly sweet aroma that wafts high from the cup.

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As a semi-fermented tea, it is rich in minerals. Rou Gui is slightly less roasted and less fermented than most Wuyi tea. Therefore has a milder warming potency.

We suggest you reduce the brewing time to around10 seconds. If you are sensitive on caffeine, avoid drinking tea in the evening. However, the amount of caffeine is still significantly lower.


The liquor of ROU GUI is has a beautiful amber to sight. ROU GUI is manually processed using traditional, and these excellent techniques bring forth the bittersweet character with the signature cinnamon aroma. It has a rich roasted fruit flavour with a bold and mellow drinking sensation.


Harvested on May 2018.

For the best results, we recommend that you pre-warm your tea set.
LEAF QTY / 150ml WATER         1 bag
INFUSION TEMPERATURE         95 °C – 100°C
INFUSION TIME                          10 seconds

* NOT for consumption if pregnant.

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8.3(g) X 30 Bags