As the most beautiful kind of Rou Gui tea, it amazes many connoisseurs by its spectacular performance. In the beautiful landscape of Mt. Wuyi, CLASSICO grows semi-wildly in the precipitous rocky landscape. The small spring flows through the rock walls all year round and provides water to the tea trees, offering them rich nutrition. Thanks to the highly Protective from UNESCO, the pleasant natural environment brings us the distinctive CLASSICO. It is smooth and slight pleasingly cinnamon fragrance.

Unlike the other rock essence tea, the unique quality CLASSICO has the bold, sharp profile. The impeccable technique used maximises the potential of the value after ageing. With a remarkable combination of both a masculine mineral character and the feminine cinnamon, the fragrance is another unique quality of CLASSICO.

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CLASSICO is closely related to its natural healing benefits. As a semi-fermented tea, it is rich in minerals. CLASSICO is slightly less roasted and less fermented than most Wuyi tea. Therefore has a milder warming potency. Though it’s not a miracle drink, it’s an excellent beverage to maintain health in the stomach and improve digestion. It is quite warming, and restorative so it is an excellent choice for cold and rainy weather.


The liquor of CLASSICO is sweet amber with the arrogance to its character. This delightfully refreshing tea is not only meant for the person who cherishes the earthy flavours, but it is also recommendable for the person who is particular about the bold, sharp profile.

It is processed manually using traditional techniques, and these unique methodologies bring forth to us the sophisticated flavours of Classico. Its signature multi-layered rocky roast taste in the beginning and followed by a more masculine dark chocolate. Lastly its feminine penetrating cinnamon aroma in the background. The clean mellow goes along with an endless silky honey aftertaste. It is a well balanced comfy combination. It makes you physically and mentally delightful.


Harvested in May 2018. The timing of harvesting CLASSICO is around two weeks earlier than other cultivars. The slower the tea grows, the stronger the aftertaste becomes.

We handpicked just the top 3 tea leaves of each mature branch, And all the leaves were sorted manually to separate the better quality from the lower ones. After selection, the premium tea leaves are carefully and moderately baked four times.


For the best results, we recommend that you pre-warm your tea set.
LEAF QTY / 150ml WATER       1 can
INFUSION TIME                       10 seconds

LEAF QTY / 450ml WATER       1 can
INFUSION TEMPERATURE       Room temperature
INFUSION TIME                        8 – 12 Hours

* NOT to be consumed while pregnant

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