This particularly outstanding black tea CHARM was made exclusively in Tong Mu Village which is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. The beautiful biodiverse environment gives CHARM a strong character. All teas from Tong Mu Village enjoy superior natural conditions. Grown widely on more than 1500 meters above sea level, CHARM has a pronounced honey sweetness and beautiful elegance. This kind of genuine quality is difficult to determine.

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As significant as the unique terroir of the region, this delicate black tea is also dependant on skilled crafting. We have to say CHARM is one of the most labour intensive black tea. Its manufacturing process is pretty secretive. CHARM uses only carefully selected tiny spring buds. As one of luxury black tea in the world, CHARM has to be harvested before the traditional Chinese Qingming festival every spring. After that, the tiny tea buds grow rapidly, and the over-mature tea leaves can’t produce the luxurious quality anymore.

As one of the most demanding teas to produce, CHARM requires thousands of hand-crafted tiny spring buds to make a single pound of finished tea. To ensure the tea buds don’t run out of quality, skilful tea masters have to spend a whole day to make just a few hundred grams of the final products.

Every little bud has to be hand rolled between the fingers before allowing them to ferment completely. CHARM has to go through several stages to gradually coax out the chocolate and honey sweetness. Every 10g contains about 1000-1500 hand-rolled buds. CHARM has a beautiful appearance, plentiful woody fragrances and a moderate body.


According to traditional Chinese medicine. CHARM is an excellent tea as it can boost your metabolism and stabilise and level your blood sugar. Also, it can help strengthen the immune system and maintain a healthy Stomach.


CHARM has a beautiful appearance, both in the leaves and the infusion. Tiny hand rolled buds with fine fuzz looks shimmering under sunlight. In the beautiful oak brown liquor, it has that same mineral sweetness as traditional Wuyi tea. Meanwhile, it has that terrific and plentiful woody fragrance. The wispy of dark chocolate gives it volume and moderate body.


Harvested in April 2018

For the best results, we recommend that you pre-warm your tea set.
LEAF QTY / 150ML WATER         1 can
INFUSION TEMPERATURE          90 °C – 100°C
INFUSION TIME                           15-20 seconds


LEAF QTY / 450ml WATER        1 can
INFUSION TEMPERATURE        Room temperature
INFUSION TIME                          4 – 10 Hours

* NOT for consumption if pregnant

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5(g) X 10 Cans