Tea time – Jue An Tempura

Tempura is a truly signature Japanese dish. You can find it anywhere in Japan with a generous prize yet good taste. If you live or travel in Shanghai, Jue An tempura is the post that it worth to try.

Jue An offers the sublime variety tempura. The difference from other fried snack, Jue An treats all the tempura as the fine arts. The deliciousness shows the real skill of the chef. It seems tempura is so easy to be made. However, the tempura here is always just cooked on point.

Tempura at Jue An

You might be surprised by the freshness of the tempura. The ingredients are all seasonal and come straight from Japan. Each piece of this beautiful art is too delicious to add extra salt or other components although the chef suggested me to compliment them with some condiments. The Chef was so friendly to introduce me the best way to eat the dishes. It was impressive. I thought this kind of experience just could be found in Japan.

I came to Jue An Tempura for just midnight snacks and tea with some friends. However, the whole experience made me feel like a graceful tempura ceremony. At the end of the savoury courses, I chose a black tea to finish off an excellent lunch. Delightful.

Jue An tempura is highly recommended in Shanghai. Whether for summer or winter. Simple but elegant.


JUE AN Tempura
Add: 3727 Hongmei Rd, Changning Qu, Shanghai, China,

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