How to store tea properly

Just like the storage of wine and coffee, it is imperative as well to store your quality tea properly. It is quite simple, even though there are different ways to store different type of tea.

We do the best to make sure that all teas are packed and sealed individually to survive the long journey to your teacup. We are going to share the essentials of storing Wuyi tea. Hope you can enjoy the full value out of each cup of our tea, even years after buying.

The keywords to storing Wuyi tea are moisture, light, heat, and odour.

Store tea in a dry environment Otherwise, your tea may be steeped in the air before you steep it. Mould can form on tea due to dampness and humidity which can drastically reduce the lifespan of your tea.

Light and heat degrade your tea very quickly. They give the tea a metallic flavour. That is the reason we use a dark and thick material for packaging our tea. Even though, we still suggest you keep your tea away from light and heat.

Tea leaves will absorb the scent of their surroundings. That is why we strongly suggest storing your tea away from any strong smell. It is easy to forget that certain wooden and rubber containers with strong-smelling seals can leave your tea with a disagreeable aroma and taste.

Should I store my tea in the refrigerator?
For Wuyi tea, the answer from our tea masters is “NO” unanimously. You need to store your Wuyi tea in an environment which is dry, dark, cool and without a strong odour. You will maintain its quality in this environment. Our tea is all excellent high-quality tea, and they mellow with age peacefully year after year. It tends to be delicate and supple elegance develops with age.

If you prefer aged Wuyi tea, SLIM would be a good option. They’ve been processed and aged carefully by Our Da Hong Pao master, refining and reprocessing every year.

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  • Maria
    Posted October 11, 2019 11:03 pm

    Thank you for your tips. As a tea lover it really helps.!

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