Battle of the kings

Within our Wuyi black tea collection, MAJESTY and CHARM are both excellent sets of tea. They are both harvested exclusively in Tong Mu Village which is a designated area by UNESCO World Heritage Site. MAJESTY and CHARM were grown widely in great natural conditions. The beautiful biodiversity of the environment gives them a strong mineral character. In the global tea marketing, there are many fakes and low-quality versions of them. However, the facts will eventually scotch these falsehoods.

MAJESTY is a typical high-grade traditional Wuyi black tea which is harvested and handcrafted in a 20-step process. The leaves undergo a process called ‘cold smoking’ which involves three different phases of smoking over pine wood, which creates a deeper and more forestry flavour that accentuates the unique longan sweetness.

CHARM, on the other hand, is a new emerging black tea. We have to say CHARM is one of the most labour intensive black tea and Its manufacturing process is pretty secretive. CHARM uses only carefully selected tiny spring buds which have to be harvested before the traditional Chinese Qingming festival every spring. Every little bud has to be hand rolled between the fingers before allowing them to ferment completely. CHARM has to go through several stages to gradually coax out the chocolate and honey sweetness. Every 10g contains about 1000-1500 hand-rolled buds. CHARM has a beautiful appearance, plentiful woody fragrances and a moderate body.

It is quite difficult to judge the performances between MAJESTY and CHARM. It depends on personal preference. If you like the natural longan sweetness and the smoky aroma with a touch of earthiness, MAJESTY would be your best fit. If you prefer the moderate body and a beautiful elegance with the woody fragrances, CHARM is your best fit.

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