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Our Story

TEA HOUSE is a leading Chinese tea Inheritor founded in Mt. Wuyi. It specialises, in particular, Wuyi tea including rock-essence tea and Wuyi black tea found in high elevation gardens. In each cup of tea from TEA HOUSE, you will discover the beauty of natural rhyming flows and an escape from our crowded cities.

Tea is not just a product for us. It is an art form with thousands of years of cultural heritage. It is a superior inner peace journey where each cup of tea is always different; even if they come from the same teapot. Each cup reflects different stories of our lives, and life has various meanings in each stage we pass through. It’s the most beautiful experience to have.

We focus on the exclusive rock-essence tea instead of a wide range of tea from all around the world. We have to make sure that you enjoy premium quality in each tea leaf from the gardens to your cup.

Peiqin Zhao – Certified Senior Tea Expert & Founder of Teahouse Official

Our Founder

With the world turning into quantity based rather than quality based us at Teahouse want to maintain and ensure the availability of quality tea for the benefit of all those who enjoy and celebrate this tradition. Our founder Peiqin Zhao who is a credited senior tea master from Wuyi, China with a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine assures to source and provide high-quality tea with significant health benefits to the one enjoying it. With knowledge into traditional Chinese Medicine, we can offer our unique blends of tea that are a healthy alternative and yet give you a sense of fulfilment.

Product Lines

Tea House currently focuses on two lines of tea products from the Wuyi Mountains, Rock Essense tea and Black tea. Each line serves a specific purpose. With a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, our selections are expertly crafted for maximum health and wellness benefits.

From the name of each tea, you can visualise the story and journey behind Tea House. We make sure every cup of your tea contains our care and passion.

The Message

With all our adventures into the tea culture, we believe that it is our responsibility to give back to the custodians of this historic tradition. In the near future, we aim to be able to empower women living in these communities, through giving back programs that can appreciate the contribution the farmers provide to the entire industry. It’s our dream as Teahouse to be a leading source of appreciation to all people who have taken care and raised this tradition to this day.

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