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TEAHOUSE Taste of high quality tea

We present to you our hand-picked and processed tea from the foothills of southern China. Our close collaboration with our farmers lets us take you on an exquisite journey through flavours and scents of high-quality tea with the goal to preserve this ageing tradition for centuries to come.

From the Foothills of Southern China

The Mt. Wuyi is one of China’s World Heritage Sites. Located in the South of China, this area is famous for its unique geography – The Danxia Landform. This rolling and sometimes spiky landscape not only makes for unique scenery but also creates an incredible environment for tea growing. The climate is humid and misty without drastic temperature changes all year round.

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Begin your journey today by selecting your cup of tea. Our tea selection is from the best quality tea found along the Wuyi Mountains. All our tea is hand handled by highly trained tea experts from Southern China. Enjoy your journey into the stories each cup of tea has to tell

From the farm to your cup

At Teahouse we make sure always to provide you with insights into the tea world. Tea drinking is an art form and a traditional performance that dates many years back. We will give you all ideas and techniques into this beautiful tradition on your tea journey.
Battle of the kings

Battle of the kings

The beautiful biodiverse environment gives them the strong mineral character. They have the absolutely finest quality is difficult to determine. In the global tea marketing, there are many fakes and low quality versions of them. But the facts will eventually scotch these falsehoods.

What causes that foamy layer on your tea?

What causes that foamy layer on your tea?

The first time when I steeped tea, a unknown oily layer made me too hesitated to drink it. Is it the pesticide residues on the tea? Were the tea set dirty?

How to store tea properly

How to store tea properly

Just like the storage for the good wine and coffee, it is imperative as well to store your quality tea properly. Accurately, It is quite simple, even though there are different ways to store different type of tea.

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Are you looking for high-quality tea? TeaHouse offers you premium quality tea consistently fresh and available. So please do not hesitate to contact us in any way you prefer.


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